Modern applications requires modern solutions for performance optimizations, logging and log analysis, scalability, cost optimizations etc.

For many of the real world applications, it is required to maintain log data for a long time for audit/regulatory purposes. As a purpose of this article I will show on how to configure elastic search on AWS for capturing logs.

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This article focuses on four main aspects of setting-up the elastic search:

  • Create Elastic search on AWS
  • Install logstash service on EC2
  • Connect to Kibana

Let’s just directly dive into the details on configuring the ElasticSearch service on AWS

Create ElasticSearch service on…

Deploying code using pipeline can be a mess if you don’t have a single reference for the task. I have derived this article based on my experience creating deployment pipelines using multiple techniques.

Code deploy pipeline looks as depicted in below picture at high level.

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CI-CD at high level

Code pipeline has 3 stages:

  1. Build
  2. Copy
  3. Deploy

As a side note: services we are going to use for this task are — AWS CodeBuild, AWS S3, AWS CodeDeploy, AWS CodePipeline, IAM


You have to install code deploy agent on target EC2 instances. Run below script in order to install the agent.

sudo yum…

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Front-end is all about components and re-usability these days. You create components, publish to the NPM and the world can start using it.

Modern front-end frameworks like Angular, Vuejs provides pre-configured skeletons to generate the node module or library projects. Its pretty much straight forward to create a library project for Angular and publish the same to the node modules though it’s quite tricky and challenging for Vuejs. As the official documentation is very confusing and finding a complete reference online is a nightmare(At least this was the case with me). …

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Deploying Angular Serverless


Serverless: Serverless is a big leap for the deployment of the application. In the simplest terms I would describe serverless as a service which is highly available and you pay for the exact execution time of the service. Yes!!! You heard it right. No dedicated server infrastructure, No up-front costs and you are also Not paying for the time your application is not used.

Some of the most popular serverless platform providers are AWS Lambda, Google cloud functions, Azure functions etc. This article particularly focuses on AWS.

Goal: After reading this article you will be able to deploy your Angular…

Rushabh Trivedi

AWS Certified Associate Architect, Cloud Solutions Lead, Angular Developer

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